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We are an independent financial boutique based on the principles of excellence playing the role of Financial Advisor in Corporate Finance, with special focus on SMEs and new business opportunities. Our high expertise and accumulated experience enable the achievement of efficient and effective results capable of generating value.

Oriented to search for the best Funding Solutions and M & A deals, Triple A – Capital & Finance, assumes a tailor-made and long term relationship approach with its customers and partners.

We offer a distinctive and wide range of tools to support investment at all stages of the companies’ business life cycle.

We assume a crystal clear stance based on trust, discretion and independence.

Our values are the cornerstone and guidance of our work, reflecting how we stand in the marketplace and the strong character by which we are governed in:

> Acting according to a high standard of excellence

> Betting on innovation and delivering the best solutions

> Building long-lasting relationships based on trust

> Our solid ethics and professional principles

> Acting independently and transparently

> Our maximum confidentiality

> Serving as a positive and ethical element in society

> Acting as the foundation to create value for all stakeholders

The Boutique concept illustrates the positioning of Triple A – Capital & Finance.

It is under this framework we work and care for our customers based on a closer, stronger and more reliable relationship.

This format differentiates us within the marketplace and from some of its largest players, considering the preferred level of care, exclusivity and dedication with which we treat our customers.

Each customer is entitled a special treatment as we devote all our superior technical experience and thoroughness towards the strategic implementation of their projects or transactions. It is by means of our high specialization, customization and focus on our areas of expertise, that Triple A – Capital & Finance, offers its customers the best service and its utmost attention.

Customers are an essential part of our team. As we get ahead future needs, we strive to deliver convincing solutions in the present.

Triple A – Capital & Finance, aims to serve as a catalyst to society supporting the construction, and growth, of steadily solid, responsible and productive businesses.

We feature a highly trained team of experts in the fields we cover, with an accumulated experience of roughly 40 years. With markedly international careers in markets such as Madrid, London, Krakow, Bratislava and Barcelona, so much from partners, as from the executive team, we still display a deep knowledge of the domestic market.

Over the years we’ve developed our careers in an assortment of fields such as venture capital & private equity, entrepreneurship, investment banking and multinational corporations, while representing powerhouses such as JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte, Banco BPI, Banco Carregosa, Starwoods, Philip Morris, among others.

The team has, as common training ground, degrees on Economics and Business Administration and subsequent specialization in the field of Finance in Universities of reference, as the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), Faculdade de Economia do Porto (FEP), Universidade de Coimbra, Católica Porto Business School and London School of Economics.

Triple A – Capital & Finance provides a highly specialized financial advisory service in corporate finance, directed to:

› Companies;

› New Projects;

› Investment opportunities to investors.

We facilitate on an independent and transversal fashion, capital raising and debt issuance operations along with procurement of EU funds, in order to finance investment opportunities. We also, provide support to: launching processes, growth and expansion, internationalization, valuation, financial restructuring, strategic alliances, turnaround, as well as M&A operations.


Our service encompasses the search and thorough analysis of a variety of available market options, both locally and internationally, to find the best outcomes to efficiently leverage solid and responsible businesses.


The monitoring provided is sophisticated, with high level of customization, technical accuracy, while acting on top-notch levels of excellence in order to build trust and long-term relationships with customers.

Funding and Investment

Equity | Funding

Debt Funding

EU Funds

Support and Incentive Schemes

Triple A – Capital & Finance, while advising businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors gets involved in finding the best suitable financing solutions and investment opportunities in start-up, growth and expansion, mergers and acquisitions operations.


According to the profile and characteristics of the business, offers a full service, side-by-side with the customer, finding the right solution by means of Equity, Debt or EU Funds. Provides support in structuring and negotiating, and also liaising and acting on the client’s behalf to lure the sought-after funding, or until the successful completion of the operation.

Relying on a broad, national and international, network, made up of financial institutions, government agencies, business angels, venture capitalists and private equity, Tripe A – Capital &Finance always adopts an across-the-board and unbiased stance while searching for solutions at any stage of the life cycle of companies.

Triple A – Capital & Finance acts as a facilitator in the process of raising capital adjusted to the needs and business cycle of each company. We are committed to identify and pinpoint investors, providing alternative financing solutions through equity.


We also work together with investors looking for business opportunities and companies wishing to scale back operations or dismantle, altogether.


Triple A – Capital & Finance works in partnership with a wide range of investors, private and institutional, national and international. This financing alternative includes management support and at the same time adds credibility, not to mention network of contacts expansion. These features might be deemed as valuable as the capital contribution infusion itself.

› Angel Investing – individual Investors oriented to projects that are in the seed and start-up phase.


› Venture Capital – venture capital companies or venture capital funds management companies, working mainly at seed ‘s subsequent stages, focused on start-ups and commercial launches.


› Private Equity – private equity companies and private equity funds management companies that finance businesses or companies with solid cash flows and growth and expansion processes. They have an increasingly important role in mergers and acquisitions, as well as restructuring.

Analyzes and singles out the best financing solution using various debt instruments.


Triple A Capital & Finance offers innovative financial solutions assuming a neutral crosswise approach based on an extensive analysis.


Cooperates in partnership with all financial institutions in the market, embracing an uncompromised and impartial standpoint to land the best terms and conditions.


The firm represents clients in high-profile negotiations with multiple counterparties, advising from the moment the operation is set in motion until its closure.

The support and incentives schemes currently provide an excellent opportunity to draw in investment to the Portuguese economy.


Triple A – Capital & Finance, scrutinizes existing solutions at national and EU level, finding the appropriate solution for each business, minimizing the effort in terms of funding in order to maximize the return on their investment.

Triple A – Capital & Finance level of excellence positioning reflects on the firm’s aim to provide the maximization of its customer’s value.

› Business plans
› Economic and Financial Researches
› Investment projects
› Joint-ventures and strategic alliances


Raising Capital
› New businesses
› Growth and expansion


Finance advisory
› Funding and Investment Solutions
› Debt Restructuring
› Leveraged finance

Companies and Businesses Valuation


Strategy to create value


Turnaround Consulting


Financial Restructuring


› Business Brokerage
› Sell-Side Advisory
› Due Dilligence
› Strategic Partnerships
› Fund Raising
› MBO’s & MBI’s

Institutional Partners


Triple A – Capital & Finance embraces as strategic policy the cooperation with its distinct partners.


Excels in establishing solid, long-lasting and productive relationships with its counterparties in order to maximize every stakeholders’ benefit, as reflected in real results across a wide horizon of customer solutions.


Develops its endeavours along with Public Institutions, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Law Firms, Private Investors, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Ventures, Private Equities, Capital Market Operators, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, nationally and internationally.

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