AAA CF participates as jury in the Final Project evaluation of Católica Porto Business School

As has happened in previous years, AAA CF was very pleased to accept the invitation addressed by Católica Porto Business School, with which presents a strong institutional relationship, to integrate the jury panel of two public sessions. These sessions are part of Project topic, being the first one the Public Session of Business Plans Defence (DPN) and the second one the Public Session of an Organization Analysis Report (DRAO), both within the framework of the trilogy of Project disciplines.

The DPN is integrated on Business Plan Final Project and the DRAO on Management and Economics Final Project, being the goal of both sessions the presentation and discussion of the work performed by the students during the semester.

The jury will be composed by three companies’ representatives and a faculty member, and, in students’ perception, they represent an accurate vision of the managerial and real business world.

AAA CF supports such initiatives in a way it recognizes the importance of interconnection between business and university, as well as the application of theoretical knowledge in real life contexts.