Triple A – Capital & Finance has been nominated to The European - Global Banking and Finance Awards 2017: Financial Advisory Firm Of The Year - Portugal 2017

The European is a bi-monthly economic and business publication, published by Chase Publishing in London, United Kingdom, committed to the very highest level of journalism, bringing together the collective thinking of the most respected business personalities of our time. The publication has a syndicated news agreement with Thomson Reuters.

These awards, conferred by the specialized economy and finance journal, are bestowed upon the most important global financial institutions. Furthermore, they are intended for decision makers around the globe, through a global distribution network in EMEA, LATAM, North America and Asia and they cover a broad spectrum of business affairs globally.

The primary audience for The European comprise C-Suite executives and directors of many of the world’s leading companies. It is thanks to this readership that the publication is so valued among the investment community. For several years, The European organized the Global Business, Banking Finance Awards, which rewards excellence in the global business community. In fact, due to the success of the Global Banking and Finance Awards 2016, the European repeated the competition in 2017.

Triple A – Capital & Finance has been nominated in the category of Financial Advisory Firm of The Year – Portugal 2017, due to the continued interest from The European’s subscribers. Effectively, the subscribers have been nominating the best financial institutions from around the world for the past six months. The AAA CF nomination is the recognition of the premium tailor-made service coupled with the valuable experience and expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions and Fundraising.