Triple A – Capital & Finance has been nominated for two consecutive years to The European - Global Banking and Finance Awards 2018: Financial Advisory Firm Of The Year - Portugal 2018

We are delighted to announce that Triple A – Capital & Finance has been selected, for the second consecutive year, as one of the final nominees of The European – Global Banking & Finance Awards 2018, under the category of Financial Advisory Firm Of The Year – Portugal 2018.

The awards are attributed by The European, an online magazine based in London that covers a wide range of business affairs globally. At its core, it is intended for decision makers around the world, through a global distribution network in EMEA, Latin and North America, and Asia. Executives and directors of many of the world’s top companies compose the main audience of the magazine, reason why it is so valued among the investment community.

Over the last years, The European has sought to reward excellence and innovation across a range of market sectors at a global scale. The magazine recognises innovative firms that stand out for their good governance, know-how and quality service, always looking for the next big promising firm.

The European is not focused on large and dominant firms, instead striving to acknowledge smaller participants, growth companies and startups.