Diogo Vasconcelos Entrepreneurship Days - Federação Académica do Porto (FAP)

Triple A – Capital & Finance was pleased to give, October 10 of 2015, in the Douro Valley Royal, a workshop about entrepreneurship – Start-Ups Creation – Legal and Financial Affairs.

This workshop had, among the audience, students from the most diverse University of Porto degrees, in the context of Diogo Vasconcelos Entrepreneurship Days.

The Diogo Vasconcelos Entrepreneurship Days are meant to enhance the potential and the entrepreneurial skills of young students and to provide tools to enable them to implement their ideas, consciously and responsibly.

The program of Diogo Vasconcelos Entrepreneurship Days will focus on the many stages that make up the process of setting up a business stemming from concepts and theoretical ideas.

To achieve this purpose, participants will be divided into groups and will develop a business idea over three days, filled with talks and workshops with influential figures in the Portuguese entrepreneur landscape.